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Traffic Defense

A traffic stop in Virginia can have dire consequences. Higher insurance and misdemeanor liability can result from the blue strobes in your rear view mirror.

The important thing to remember is that once accused by the Commonwealth, an attorney is needed to disentangle you effectively. Hiring a lawyer to help you out with your traffic problem doesn’t cost, it saves. A traffic infraction can follow you and affect your insurance for as many as 6 years. When you factor the cost of a ticket over the years it can increase your policy cost it is worth contacting an attorney.

In Virginia the laws regarding speeding are almost draconian. At 20 miles over the limit or 80 mph Virginia charges a misdemeanor. The charge of reckless driving by speed has up to $2,500 worth of fine, 12 months’ worth of jail, and 6 months of suspended license as its toll.

Many jurisdictions won’t event deal with a pro se traffic offender. But even those that do a lawyer who knows what to ask for from the Commonwealth will make a difference.


  • Specially skilled in the reduction of liability for traffic related offenses
  • Saves money, doesn’t cost money in most cases
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